Airline Operations

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Airline Operations, Semester 2, 2010/11

For: Dr. Baba Yerra

Due Date: 30 May 2011

Topic: Research Project

Title: Comparative Study and Analysis of FAR and CAR regulations

Table of Contents
1. Introduction| 3|
2. Methodology| 4|
3. Findings| 5|
3.1. Operations Specifications| 5|
3.2. Airline Organization: Required Management Positions| 6| 3.3. Operating Manual| 9|
3.3.1. Operations Manual Requirements under FAR 121| 9| 3.3.2. Operations Manual Requirements under GCAA (CAAP 8)Mandatory content| 9| 3.3.3. Comparison between GCAA and FAA| 10|

3.4. FAR 121 Subpart M compared with CAR| 11|
3.4.1. Airman Certificate| 11|
3.4.2. FAR 121.383(c) The age 60 rule | 11|
3.4.3. FAR 121.385 – Composition of flight crew & CAR Subpart N CAR-OPS 1.940.| 11| 3.4.4. FAR 121.391 & CAR Subpart O CAR–OPS 1.990- Cabin Crew| 12| 3.5. Flight and Duty Time Limitations| 12|

3.5.1. Cabin Crew Requirements| 13|
3.6. Airplane Performance and Operating Limitations| 14| 3.6.1. Takeoff Limitations| 14|
3.6.2. En-route Limitations: One engine Inoperative| 15| 3.6.3. En-route Limitations: Two engines Inoperative| 16| 3.6.4. Landing Limitations: Destination and Alternate Airports| 16| 4. References| 18|

1. Introduction
Aviation industry is a part of a dynamic environment. Like all other industries and sectors it is bound by certain rules which are mandatory. Every country has a particular authority which regulates the civil aviation. FAA of 1967 is a U.S government agency with authority to regulate all aspects of civil aviation in the U.S. The Federal Aviation Regulations are rules prescribed by the FAA governing all aviation activities in the United States. The FARs are part of Title 14 of the CFR. The rules are designed to promote safe aviation, and protection from unnecessary risk.  Similarly the agency in the U.A.E which regulates all facets of civil aviation is the General Civil Aviation Authority. It was created in 1996 to regulate Civil Aviation and provide safe aviation services all over the world. GCAA promulgated the regulations to implement the provisions of the Civil Aviation Law No. 20 known as the Civil Aviation Regulations. This assignment compares the FAR with CAR to conduct an analysis about the differences between the regulations. The findings section will commence with the introduction of Operations Specifications, a document created by FAA/GCAA and the carrier wherein the carrier will specifically explain how it will conduct operations of its aircraft in accord with FARs/CARs. This assignment will then move on discussing the differences between the required management positions, as well as the operating manuals. In addition, we will be discussing the requirements of crew members in FARs and CARs. Moreover, the assignment will then analyze the differences between the CAR flight limitations compared to FAR. These analyses will eventually show the differences between the CAR regulations and rules GCAA sets for air carriers as compared to FAR regulations.

2. Methodology
All data incorporated into the text is based solely on secondary research. Websites of high-profile organizations such as GCAA and FAA helped in developing understanding and analysis of the topic. Holt and Poynor’s book Air Carrier Operations has been a great equipment for the completion of this assignment.

3. Findings
3.1 Operations Specifications
Every country’s aviation agency has an operations specifications document. FAA Ops Specs is divided in to 5 sections as opposed to GCAA’s 13 sections. Below is the comparison of FAA and GCAA ops specs. FAA| GCAA|

A-General| |
Issuance and Applicability| * | * | |
Definitions and...
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