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Delivering High Performance to the Airline Industry
Today’s competitive environment in the airline industry has never been tougher or more unforgiving. More and more players are one strategic misstep away from competitive extinction. Approaches that worked in the past simply don’t cut it in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

According to a recent study on high performance in the airline industry1, there are key imperatives airlines need to address to navigate through today’s increasingly uncertain times: • In their efforts to manage growth, airlines should dominate home markets and create an adaptive culture—one that can leverage the opportunities of a rapidly changing marketplace • In an industry of paper-thin margins, airlines need to significantly improve their customer experience, and do so throughout the travel value chain. • And carriers might need to rethink their existing operating models to manage operational excellence by wringing out value from merger and acquisition activity, through sales and marketing and by new market entry and alliances.

Accenture has worked in nearly every aspect of airline operations—from the ground to the cockpit—over the past two decades. We understand that high performance isn’t only about success during market booms. It is about sustaining success regardless of boom or bust cycles. Accenture can show you how.

An industry evolution
The industry is undergoing a significant evolution. Accenture serves as a trusted guide for airlines embarking on the journey to high performance. Our airline practice has professionals in key locations around the globe— a team dedicated to serving the transformational goals of our clients. We draw from the expertise of functional-expert consultants—a bench strength that makes us renowned for our ability to execute large-scale projects with global span. Our people are a part of the fabric of the airline industry, serving clients

from small start-ups to low-cost carriers and major flag network players. They draw from Accenture’s industry research that illustrates what airlines can do to get ahead, and stay there. Accenture offers expertise in management consulting, systems integration and outsourcing—combined with our extensive research on the world's most successful companies—to help us guide clients through areas critical to achieving high performance. Manage Growth The future of airline travel will likely change dramatically in the coming years: Rising fuel costs will put pressure on passenger loads. Traditional hub traffic flows are changing with the entry of large-capacity carriers. Against this backdrop, Accenture helps clients managing the right balance between demand and capacity. We work with airlines to expand skills in sales and marketing, enabling carriers to strengthen their customer-centricity and pursue secondary revenue sources.


Achieving High Performance in the Airline Industry; Accenture, 2009

Toronto area Montreal Chicago Wilmington Cincinnati Atlanta San Antonio Houston Monterrey Mexico City

Prague Riga Almere London Warsaw Brno Bratislava Nantes Bucharest Madrid Naples Casablanca Malaga

Dalian Delhi area Guangzhou Mumbai Pune Hyderabad Manila Bangalore Chennai Cebu Shanghai


Sao Paulo Curitiba Buenos Aires


The Accenture Global Delivery Network
The Accenture Global Delivery Network comprises more than 83,000 professionals at 53 delivery centers and at client locations worldwide; it can be leveraged by our clients looking to cut costs and achieve growth through globalization. By applying a systematic approach to creating and capturing proven, repeatable processes, methodologies, tools and architectures, professionals in the Global Delivery Network enable Accenture client teams to deliver customized services and solutions in less time than would be required to develop them independently. And it creates a scalable and flexible network that truly enables clients to source the...
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