Airframe Systems

Topics: Oxygen, Cabin pressurization, Oxygen mask Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: May 25, 2013
De-icing, a.c, pressurisation, gyroscopes, instrument cooling, toilets, fuel tank pressurisation, air seals, weapons P1b & p3b
The air compressor uses bleed air from the engine and then pressurises it even further, once that is done it is pumped through to the air receiver which holds the air until it is need for example so the landing gear can be put down or to bring it up. Ram air is mainly used to cool down the avionics systems on a plane, it also is used to help keep the fuel from slushing in flight by pressurising the fuel tanks. Bleed air is taken from the engine and used for the air condition/pressurisation of the cabin, it is also used for de-icing the wings in flight. The air cycle unit cools bleed air down to a temperature by ram air it is then used as air conditioning for the cabin. Humidifiers are used to add moisture to the air making it more comfortable for the passengers on board. P2a & m1a

P2b & m1b

The purpose of a cabin conditioning system is to keep the passengers at a certain temperature inside the cabin no matter what the temperature is outside the cabin


The temperature of the air in the cabin is controlled by various sensors such as thermostats these are place all over the cabin so there is a level temperature throughout the cabin. There is also thermocouples and thermistors which are placed in various places such as the output of the air conditioning pump which pumps out the air into the cabin. All of these sensors are linked to the temperature control valve which mixes the ram air with bleed air to get the right temperature set by the pilot.

The pressurization of an aircraft is controlled by the cabin pressure it opens and closes at 8,000ft. this operation is also known as a groud-air-ground cycle. As flying below 8,000ft there is enough oxygen to breath the cabin does not need to be pressurised so the valve stays open once it goes above 8,000ft it closes and uses the cabin conditioning...
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