Aircraft Take Off and Landing Using Fuzzy Logics

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  • Published: March 3, 2013
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I hereby certify that the work which is being presented in the project entitled “AIRCRAFT TAKE-OFF AND LANDING CONTROL SYSTEM USING FUZZY LOGIC CONTROLLER’’ in the partial fulfilment of requirements for the Award of degree of M.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) submitted in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at GURU NANAK DEV ENGINEERING COLLEGE, LUDHIANA under PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERESITY, JALANDHAR is my work done to study aircraft take-off and landing performance of aircraft and design a control system. The work presented in this project has not been submitted by me in any other university/Institute for the award of M.Tech degree.

This is to certify that the above statement made by the candidate is correct to the best of my/our knowledge. Prof. Nirmal Singh Grewal
Project SupervisorSignature of Supervisor
The M.Tech Project viva-voce of AMANDEEP KAUR was held on _____________________and was accepted.

Signature of H.O.DSignature of M.Tech Incharge Signature of External Examiner

Around 80 percent of jet aircraft accidents occur during take-off and landing phases of flight and close to an airport because of varied weather conditions. Passengers, as well as nearby communities are, therefore at a heightened risk of death or serious injury. Smart products and intelligent manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly common and complex and this trend is expected to continue. However, there are a number of issues associated with incorporating intelligence in a complex system including; cost, weight, volume, heat, speed and accuracy concerns. And fuzzy logic control can provide advantages in some or all of these areas in a variety of applications. The objective is to design fuzzy based aircraft take-off and landing control system which senses the instantaneously changed weather conditions. It is a complex system of several critical inputs...
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