Aircraft Systems

Topics: Cabin pressurization, HVAC, Altitude sickness Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Aircraft systems are amalgam of different systems within systems. Among many other system, Environmental control system is an important system of an aircraft which provide the aircraft with the basic necessities of maintaining comfortable atmosphere for passengers. In specific terms, it is the system which provides conditioned air supply, temperature control and optimum pressurization of cabin for both crew and passengers. Besides, some other functions like fire detection and suppression, cooling of avionics are also part of environmental control system. Environmental control system is consists of many systems within a system. Here below some of the important system incorporated in ECS are cited: * Air conditioning system

* Cabin pressurization system
* Bleed air system
* Humidity control system
* Cabin ventilation system
Air conditioning system:
This is a system which concerns with the conditioning of cold air at high altitude to a comfortable temperature for uses of passengers and crew. This is one of the Prime systems within the environmental control system, as in altitude of 39000 feet or so of an aircraft it will be impossible for passengers to survive without air conditioning. Cabin air conditioning must provide comfort conditions (i.e. some 22 ºC, 100 kPa, and 60% RH) within the cabin. Besides, this system must provide ventilation, pressurization, heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification and disinfection. Furthermore, cabin air monitoring provides the basic smoke detection means for fire warning.

Purpose and Importance of air conditioning system:
Air conditioning system is important Environmental control system as it not only provides comfortable air for breathing of passengers but also it includes ventilation, cooling, heating and disinfection of air. The main purpose of the system is to ensure the following: * Comfortable of fare-paying passengers.

* Comfortable atmosphere for pilots and crew...
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