Aircraft Solutions: Security Assessments and Recommendations

Topics: Firewall, Security, Information security Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Aircraft Solutions:
Security Assessments

Ruth Garcia
Session: March 2012
Security in Computing
Professor: Randy Strauber

Aircraft Solutions (AS) located in beautiful southern California has become a recognized leader in the electronics, commercial, defense and aerospace industries. This is due their design and fabrication of component products and services available to their customers in the various industries. What set Aircraft Solutions apart from other design and fabrication companies are their dedicated, trained workforce and the maintenance of a large capacity plant and extensive equipment that enables the company to meet customer requirements. The company is made up of a large highly skilled work force that works its highly automated production systems from design engineers, programmers, machinists and assembly personnel. Aircraft Solutions goals are to provide excellent customer service and success through its machined products and services. This is achieved while at the same time keeping their cost, quality and scheduled deliveries in check. The main headquarters for Aircraft Solutions is currently in San Diego, California, while their Commercial Division is located 40 miles east of headquarters and the Defense Division is located in Santa Ana, California. Security Weakness

In reviewing the current business process, geographic layout, current IT architecture and network infrastructure there were some security issues that could and should be improved upon. Currently the existing security policy is not sufficient for the needs of the company. It is being evaluated every two years and there appears to be no encryption software use to prevent the possibility of data being mishandled, lost or stolen. A security “policy begins with assessing the risk to the network and building a team to respond. Continuation of the policy requires implementing a security change management practice and...
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