Aircraft Solutions

Topics: Computer security, Security, Check Point Pages: 13 (2685 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Aircraft Solutions: Security Assessment and Recommendations

Phase I and Phase II

Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Company Overview3
Security Vulnerabilities4
A Software Data Loss/Data Leak 4
A Hardware Firewall5
Recommended Solutions7
A Software Example Solution7
A Hardware Example Solution8
Impact on Business Processes9

Executive Summary

Aircraft Solutions is aircraft Design Company that allows internal and external users to access its system. As a result of this, the company has made itself vulnerability to certain threats.

This paper identifies two vulnerabilities. One is the threat of data loss or data leak. The other is intrusion by way of the internet firewall. Based on the known vulnerabilities, it was recommended that the Check Point Software Blade application is used to prevent the data loss and the Check Point Power-1 appliance be used to address the firewall vulnerability.

Company Overview

Aircraft Solutions (AS) design and fabricate component products and services for companies in the electronics, commercial defense, and aerospace industry. The mission of AS is to provide the customer success through machined products and related services, and to meet cost, quality, and scheduled requirements.

Aircraft Solution uses Business Process Management (BPM) to handle end to end processes that span multiple systems and organizations. BPM system is designed to connect customers, vendors, and suppliers to share information and maintain timely business dialogue. The system is capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously across every department of the company. It is set up to manage all aspects of business operations, including accounting, human resources, sales and marketing and compliance activities concurrently.

The system administrators are responsible for selecting and installing hardware, software and related upgrades, implementing information security measures, and maintaining support to ensure the manufacturing execution system is working properly. The users at AS are employees, suppliers, and contractors who need to access the company network. System access by users at different levels of the network is set strictly on need to know basis.

The current security controls include independent anti-virus software on every workstation and server; host-based intrusion detection systems on the servers in the corporate office. Security policy requires that all firewalls and router rule sets are evaluated every two years and that all servers are backed up to network attached storage devices maintained at the server location.

Company’s Assets

The assets for AS are the Business Process Management, BPM, system and the servers used to store customer data such as project information, computer aided design and development models, and intellectual properties.

Security Vulnerability


The software vulnerabilities at Aircraft Solutions range from the risk of industrial espionage to malicious hacking and other external threats. Because internal and external users have access to the system, ssecurity can be compromised by hardware and software malpractice, human error, and faulty operating environments. The consequences of a successful deliberate or inadvertent misuse of a computer system in the aviation industry range from loss of confidentiality to loss of system integrity, which may lead to more serious concerns such as data theft or loss, and network outages.

Although several vulnerabilities exist within Aircraft Solutions, this paper will focus on the software vulnerability such as data theft or loss from software corruption and viruses. Software corruption, which might include damage, caused by a software diagnostic program, accounts for 13 percent of data loss incidents. Computer...
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