Aircraft Accient Investigation Objectives

Topics: Aviation accidents and incidents, Air safety, Accident Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: January 20, 2011
The objective of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board for Civilian Aviation is to promote aviation safety. The Investigation Board carries out independent investigations of aircraft accidents and air traffic incidents in order to promote safety within the field of aviation. The Investigation Board is an independent institution under the Ministry of Transport. 2) What is the purpose of Investigating accidents and incidents? The purpose of the investigations is to determine the factors that cause accidents or incidents.

On the basis of the investigations of the aircraft accidents and incidents, factors that constitute a threat to safety must be identified so that they may be avoided in future. The Board publishes the investigation reports that are drawn up on the basis of the investigations. 3) How to measure the limitation of human workload?multi dimensional and incorporate mental demand, physicaldemand, time pressures, required effort, performance and stress levelsDay shifts may increaseworkload because of busy daytime activities such as phone calls. However, thestress levels of night personnel may be higher due to sleep and fatigue issues.4) When we know the strees level are increase?Situations in which controllers feel “out of control”include equipment failures or unpredictability, poor communication, redundantadministrative paperwork or ticketing, distracting phone calls, nuisance alarms,lack of familiarity in reacting to infrequent actions or abnormal events, andinefficient user interfaces.| 1) What is the objective of Aircraft Accident Investigation Board?

Investigators look at the events leading up to the accident to see if there is a point at which, if the pilot had done something else, the outcome might have been different. Starting with the accident itself, they look backward in time to reconstruct what happened. Radar tracks, witness interviews, conversations with the pilot or passengers, reviews of the pilot and aircraft logs,...
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