Airbus Abbreviations & Acronyms

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  • Published : October 6, 2011
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A to Z - Abbreviations & Acronyms

A to Z - Abbreviations & Acronyms
(complete list found in back of PH) The really short list of Airbus acronyms and abbreviations: (before you get to it try to figure out what THS is) α – Stands for ALPHA as in α PROT. Refers to Angle of Attack. ACM – Air Cycle Machine ACP – Audio Control Panel, allows pilot to select which radios or interphones to listen to. ADIRS - Air Data Inertial Reference System, now replaced by GNADIRS ADIRU - Air Data Inertial Reference Unit AMU - Audio Management Unit ASAP – as in LAND ASAP, As Soon As Possible (this really is listed, I'm not making this up) A/SKID - Anti-skid BSCU - Brakes Steering Control Unit (computer) BTC - Bus Tie Contactor CFDS - Centralized Fault Display System CRC – Continuous Repetitive Chime, used to be called the fire bell. DDRMI – Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator (RMI with DME) DMC - Display Management Computer DU - Display Unit (CRT, or "TV screen") ECAM - Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring EIU - Engine Interface Unit ELAC - Elevator Aileron Computer EO - Engine Out E/WD - Engine/Warning Display, upper display for aircraft systems. FAC - Flight Augmentation Computer

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A to Z - Abbreviations & Acronyms

FOM – Flight Ops Manual FCU - Flight Control Unit (autoflight panel) FMGC - Flight Management Guidance Envelope Computer, what actually performs the computations when you type into the MCDU. FMGS - Flight Management Guidance Envelope System F-Plan - Flight Plan FPA - Flight Path Angle FWC - Flight Warning Computer FWS - Flight Warning System GCU - Generator Control Unit GLC - Generator Line Contactor GNADIRS – Global Navigation Air Data Inertial Reference System, GPS, Air Data information and Inertial attitude/guidance all in one. Green Dot – Best L/D (lift over drag)...
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