Airborne Freight Corp. Case Study

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BM-5304-i E-Business
Case 1: Airborne Freight Corp.
1. Do you agree that real-time tracking is essential to any delivery company that wants to compete in the E-business world? Why or Why not? (Explain in detail)

As explained from the case study, the main reason why they are now using the real-time tracking is due to the increasing use of the system by its direct competitors like FDX Corp. and United Parcel Service. Along with this trend, their success rate in utilizing this system is also evident thus Airborne Freight Corp. sees the need to move on and adopt the new system rather than be history due to the lack of inefficiency in comparison to the impressive efficiency depicted from its competitors’ use of the system.

Although the investment on the new system needs huge financial investment and it may also replaces some traditional positions needed by using a traditional database system. It may strained and demotivate workers whom are used to the old system, especially its senior drivers, which may increases resistance to changes. However with proper trainings and introductions the system may work to the advantage of Airborne Freight Corp. particularly and any delivery company generally.

The most obvious benefit of real time trackers is that the tracking devices offer on demand information for whole delivery operations. Using GPS tracking software, a computer and in their case, their Blackberry and an Internet connection, the continuous updates provided by real time trackers can be viewed by users at anytime from anywhere. With real time tracking, users no longer have to wait to download stored data gathered by passive trackers. The continuous updates of real time trackers offer business owners the ability to immediately correct inefficiencies within a business. For example on the wrong deliveries sent to the wrong locations. Real time trackers represent an important advancement in the use of technology for tracking the deliveries. With...
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