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Air blue is a private Pakistani airline based at Jinnah International Airport Karachi. It started its operations on May 24, 2004. It was the first private carrier of Pakistan to operate the Airbus A320 when it initially started. Air blue has been expanding rapidly despite experiencing competition from the other three airline operators in Pakistan. The airline mainly flies on domestic routes plus internationally to Dubai International Airport and also has plans to fly to the Gulf, UK, and USA. MISSION STATEMENT

Air blue will be recognized as the most progressive enterprise in the transportation business. We will offer our customers cost effective transportation service within geographical areas and market segments that can benefit from our services and will insure a return on investment and growth rate consistent with current management guidelines.

Our vision is to make Air blue the most admired airline in the world. * Ensuring safety comes first
* Providing Service Straight from the Heart
* Encouraging product leadership
* Delivering superior financial returns
* providing rewarding career opportunities

The SWOT analysis is the process of analyzing organizations and their environments based on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This includes the environmental analysis, the process of scanning the business environment for threats and opportunities, which is considered as external factors, and the organizational analysis, the process of analyzing a firm’s strengths and weaknesses as internal factors. SWOT analysis was carried out for Air Blue and the results are summarized as follows: Strengths:

1. Second largest air-carrier of Pakistan, enjoying almost 30 percent market share on domestic routes. 2. Air blue is a Low-cost carrier (LCC). The reason behind air blue’s low fares is that it uses Dynamic Pricing Model. Air blue puts its entire ticket inventory on the Net and direct t internet booking accounts for 15% of its sales. It begins selling tickets at a 40% discount to full service carriers (FSCs), but closer to the date of your travel, you may end up paying up to 30% premium over the price charged by FSCs.

3. 98% punctuality of on-time flight departures.
4. Innovative e-ticketing and wireless check-in technologies. 5. Operational efficiency.
6. Air blue is using latest technology for the airline's advantage and its valued customers. Many corporate entities tried to create a paperless work environment, in order to minimize its costs and maximize its efficiency, but only Air blue had been successful to the extent that its management does not need offices to function. 7. The air blue aircraft are the latest fly-by-wire technology Airbus A320's and A321's. This allows the airline more flexibility and scales of economy in crew planning and maintenance capability, adding directly to bottom-line profitability 8. Lesser workforce because of extensive technology usage. 9. Air Blue is the first among public and private sector airlines in South-Asia and second after Emirates in the region to introduce latest s elf check-in system at Karachi airport. The self check-in system will facilitate the passengers carrying baggage with them, to get boarding card through the new touch screen system without reporting at the counter. 10. Package for students and special children.

11. Good food, good entertainment, spacious seats, most exciting hospitality, elegant and charming hostesses. 12. Year 2006 witnessed exceptional performance in the short term financing which was reduced from Rs 206 million to Rs 48 million, showing a decrease of 330 percent. 13. Air blue showed a record operating profit of over Rs 150 million for year 2006 while providing a high quality product to the consumers. 14. Air blue outsources most of its secondary tasks to third parties. It helps airline to cut...
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