Airasia's Strategies and Identity

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AirAsia’s Key Strategies
I.Safety First
AirAsia have made business partnership with the world’s most well-known maintenance benefactors and have fulfilled with the world airline operation. II.High Aircraft Utilization
AirAsia have implemented the regions with fastest turnaround time, which is only at 25 minutes as well as assuring lower costs and greater productivity. III.Low Fare, No Frills
AirAsia have provided its guests and customers with their choice of customizing services without conceding on quality and services. IV.Streamline Operations
AirAsia have made sure that all its processes are as simple as possible. V.Lean Distribution System
AirAsia offered an extensive and innovative choice of distribution channels to make booking and travelling easier. VI.Point to Point Network
AirAsia have applied a point-to-point network, of which keeps its operation to be simple and lower costs.

AirAsia’s Identity
AirAsia Berhad
AirAsia’s logo is a distinct red-colored font shown below.
AirAsia use the motto of “Now Everyone Can Fly”.
AirAsia’s very own products comprises of AirAsia meals, AirAsia airplane models, AirAsia apparels, AirAsia collectibles, AirAsia games, AirAsia Kid’s Corner, AirAsia plush toys, AirAsia stationery, AirAsia travel accessories, AirAsia in-flight comfort, AirAsia luggage and bags, official Caterham merchandise, official QPR merchandise, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, mobile phones accessories and electronics as well as Travel 3Sixty magazines. V.Services

AirAsia provide services such as in-flight meals, in-flight shopping, online flight booking, kiosk self-check-in, mobile applications, premium customer service line, cargo services, courier services, promotional fares and credit card services. VI.Uniforms

During weekdays, AirAsia’s flight stewardesses wear a red skirt and red zipper jacket with ¾ sleeves together with white buttoned shirt inside while...
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