Air Travel Security Measures

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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My family and I love to travel around the world. This is our chance to spend quality time with each other without any interruptions from today's technological advances such as cell phones, computers, and the everyday phone calls from friends wanting to come over. As families venture off heading for places across the globe, to ensure their safety during travel, every precaution should be taken. While in the midst of all the chaos one has to endure during the pre-flight check-in procedures, this is something that should become a norm and not something one would call an inconvenience. It is difficult to complain about procedures that can ultimately affect safety during travel. Safety is very important to myself as well as other families during the traveling season. I would rather give up a few minutes of my time rather than have to endure the latter of being unsafe during air travel, especially with my family. Terror threats are always prevalent when leaving the comfort of one's own home. Relying on the enforcement of strict security measures to ensure the safety of passengers during air travel as threats of terror attacks are always present. Ever since the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, airport security across America and much of the world had undergone many changes to their normal routines of simply checking their baggage prior to boarding the plane. There are now many other extra steps in place before getting anywhere even close to the gate. Travelers should be aware of the lengthy wait times, more scrutinizing of passenger passports, documentation, and luggage. For the frequent air travelers, this became an intense issue. Many travelers were complaining about the lengthy wait times and airport security checking and re-checking of luggage which became a normal part of their jobs. After 9/11, much of the nation demanded the use of stricter security measures than those that were in place. This was when the...
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