Air Travel in Middle Eastern Countries

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: December 8, 2012


In the recent years, Middle East markets have shown the drastic changes in the tourism trends that has contributed their emerging economies. The most important aspect that was played by effective airline route management over the rapid network. The Emirates airline of Dubai, United Arab Emirates has played a key role in upbringing of Dubai as a most visited tourist destination on the world map. The effects of strategic route planning and alliances and co relation between Airlines and the effect of that on the Development of Tourism in the Dubai and Middle East region will be of most interest. Over the past decade the decreasing trend in airline industry are seen due to tragic events from such as 11th Sep attacks on WTC in New York, or the 2nd Gulf War in Iraq or SARS or the most recent Economic Meltdown that had most dramatic impacts on the air transport industry, despite this the up scaling growth in the passenger movement in the region of Middle East was remarkable. The aim of this research study is to find out how the Emirates has contributed massive role in the development of tourism in Middle East region and specially to Dubai thru its strategic planning and network operations hence contributing to economic development.

In order to meet the meet the stated research outcomes and to structure the dissertation logically, it is most important to define the objectives of the research. Which are as follows:

* To investigate the tourism statistics of the Middle East region in previous years * To investigate the strategies and network of emirates Airline * To analyse the direct impact of the carrier on the Middle East and specifically Dubai Market * To take into considerations the current strategies for development of infrastructure and services in order to meet highest demands over the next 10 years * To find out how...
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