Air Traffic Control

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  • Topic: Air traffic control, Next Generation Air Transportation System, Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast
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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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The National Airspace System of the U.S is one difficult system to work with today. It consists of thousands of people, procedures, facilities and equipment, which, enables for safe travel across the United States and over great portions of the world’s major oceans. The entire system consists upwards of about 5000 air traffic controllers, and over 10000 safety inspectors and technicians. All together, there’s about 41,000 facilities within the system and over 71,000 pieces of equipment like radar. Over 50000 flights use the NAS everyday. As one can see, the NAS is extremely important. One may ask what it has to do with NEXTGEN of which I am writing. NEXTGEN itself is a name given to a new NAS that will be implemented in stages around the U.S between the years of 2012 and 2025. The air transportation system around the U.S will be undergoing major transformations. What’s the point of the transformation the FAA is having the U.S going through? Mainly, it’s to reduce major gridlock not only in the air, but in the airports as well. The NEXTGEN has been undergoing its formation ever since 2003 by JDPO which was established by the U.S congress. Lately, the Air Transportation System of the U.S has been undergoing increasing stress. This will only lead to more costly delays of flights, and thus creating concerns of flight safety and then degrading even further the U.S ATS. Mainly, NEXTGEN is a transformation of the ENTIRE NAS, not only bits and pieces of it. It’s to meet any future demands and help avoid gridlock of traffic. NEXTGEN “moves away from legacy ground based technologies to new and more dynamic satellite-based technology. The new capabilities and the highly interdependent technologies aim to change the way that the system operates, reduce congestion, and improve passengers' experiences.” Throughout the paper the NEXTGEN will broken down and dissected until we know it through and through.

The NEXTGEN consists of several different elements such as ADS-B, SWIM,...
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