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Air Quality Standards|
Shaunielle Tyler|
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The Department of Health and Environmental Control states that The Clean Air Act is a federal law which describes the responsibilities of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for defending and improving the nation’s air quality. The World Health Organization states that the basic requirement of human health and well-being is clean air. Each year more than 2 million premature deaths can be connected to the effects of urban indoor and outdoor air pollution caused by the burning of solid fuels, according to the World Health Organization assessment burden of disease for air pollution. I will explain why air quality is important to humans and the environment, whether South Carolina complies with the air quality standards, and whether the WHO’s standards for pollution has been successful. First, we as humans deserve to breathe clean air because it can affect our health. Low air quality can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems in a person’s health (Alberta Environment). A human’s respiratory system can be affected if they spend a lot of time outside and air quality is poor (Alberta Environment). For example, road maintenance workers who work on the road everyday around plant chemicals. An individual who inhales pollutants are subject to cardiovascular system failure because the pollutants are absorbed into the bloodstream in the lungs and transported to the heart (Alberta Environment). In the environment, plant life can be affected when pollutants go into the plant through the openings in its leaves (Alberta Environment). Animals and wildlife are sometimes affected when they eat such plant life (Alberta Environment). Although, pollutants are in the air; it can disturb bodies of water and the organisms in the water (Alberta Environment).

Second, the World Health Organization states that deaths can be reduced by as much as 15% each year by basically...
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