Air Pollution: a Damage Resulting from Economic Development

Topics: Economics, Carbon dioxide, Emission standard Pages: 4 (917 words) Published: March 29, 2012

This term paper is about the impacts of emission of harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide etc. due to the development of industrial business in Bangladesh. Here, the study has been based on the regression analysis of percentage of carbon dioxide emission per metric ton and GDP per capita of eight Asian countries to determine that how environmental pollution is increasing because of industrial progression. And it has been found that they have positive relation. The motto of this term paper is to remind of the fact that only thinking about the economic development of the country should not be welcomed unless the importance of environmental welfare is being realized.

The relationship between economic growth and the environment is debatable. Traditional economic theory posits a trade-off between economic growth and environmental quality. Since the early 1990s, however, the rapidly expanding empirical and theoretical literature has suggested that the relationship between economic growth and the environment could be positive and hence growth is a prerequisite for environmental improvement. But on the other hand, growth could be an affective reason of environmental pollution. This paper depicts the empirical pattern that at relatively low levels of GDP per capita, pollution level (and intensity) initially increases with rising income. The dominant theoretical explanation is that when GDP increases, the greater scale of production leads directly to more pollution, but, at a higher level of income per capita, the demand for health and environmental quality rises with income which can translate into environmental regulation, in which case there tend to be favorable shifts in the composition of output and in the techniques of production.

Air pollution can be occurred in two ways-increasing of suspended particular matters (dusts, fumes, mists and smokes) and emission of gaseous pollutants. Among these two...
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