Air Pollution Chart 2

Topics: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Ozone Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 3, 2011
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Appendix D

Air Pollution Chart

After reviewing Ch. 8 and 9 of your text, complete the following table, and then respond to the questions that follow:

|Issue |Sources |Health/Environmental Effects | |Carbon dioxide (CO2) |Fossil fuels like oil, |If a person was to get in contact with CO2, the liquid form, it| | |vehicles, gas from power |could cause frostbite. If a person was exposed to a high volume| | |plants, coal, and industrial |area that is contaminated with CO2 then they can experience eye| | |facilities |damage. In an environment CO2 could cause plants to grow at a | | | |rapid pace. | |Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) |Old air conditioners, |If a person was to come into contact with chlorofluorocarbons | | |refrigerators |they may have a scratchy throat and have coughs also. In an | | | |environment chlorofluorocarbons could cause potential damage to| | | |our ozone layer. | |Ground-level ozone (O3) |Utility plants, vehicle |If a person were to come into contact with O3 then they can | | |emissions |experience coughing, painful breathing at times, inflammation | | | |on the skin, and permanent lung damage. In an environment, O3 | | |...
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