Air Pollution

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Air Pollution
Alicia Goodman
Environmental Science – EVS1001
June 18, 2011
Instructor: Angie Edwards


Air pollution is the biggest problem we as government face today. The problem arose during the industrial revolution and has just gotten worse since then. However, the industrial revolution brought many great changes to the world; better transportation, cheaper merchandise, and has made our life better. In the beginning of the industrial revolution, the problem of pollution was not something that people paid attention too. As the science involved, people began to realize the problem with pollution.

Many different sources cause air pollution. Automobiles that are burning gasoline produce very harmful gases and incineration of products. Factories produce millions of particles that are carried off into the air. Gaseous by-products produced by chemical plants release these toxic gases when their concentration is at a high enough level. As the world has become more industrialized, the increased amount of air pollution and new health hazards have developed. Air pollution can arise from different sources that we cannot control. For example, forest fires, dust storms, and volcanoes.

One of the sources of air pollution is acid rain. Raindrops that are combined with polluted air create acid rain. Acid rain mainly causes the erosion of buildings, destruction of crops, and many other assets. Global warming is also caused by acid rain. Many scientists predict that significant alterations in climate patterns could become more noticeable in the next few years. The global average temperature has been estimated to project an increase of as much as 9° F before the year 2100.

Indoor and outdoor air pollution are the two main sources of pollution. Indoor air polluters include many different products, from certain cleaners to furnishings, which release toxic organic compounds into the air that you breathe. Another very toxic indoor air...
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