Air Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am here to talk to you about something which is becoming a huge issue in our world. Air Pollution is a major problem facing our government today. It is harmful to every living creature on the planet. Just imagine one day having to walk outside wearing a mask; or not being able to open the windows of your house on a hot summer's day. Or even worse, imagine looking out of your window and not seeing any form of life. All vegetation has died due to acid rain and other chemicals such as sulphur poisoning. Some of these ideas can become a reality if something is not done about this problem, which, in my opinion, is far greater, a problem than the wars that are going on the world at this moment. There are two main air pollutants; one is natural causes for example windblown dust, pollen, fog etc. and the other is that which we call people pollution. This is the most serious form of air pollution. One of the worst air pollutants which are affecting our environment today is carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas caused by the incomplete burning of gasoline, oil, and wood. Low concentrations can cause dizziness, fatigue and headaches, while high concentrations can be fatal. Other pollutants such as Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Lead have contributed to the deteriorating environment. We are all guilty of the overuse of same and, consequently, we all contribute to the pollution levels from which we suffer. In the days before the proliferation of large cities and industry, nature's own systems kept the air fairly clean. Wind mixed and dispersed the gases, rain washed the dust and other easily dissolved substances to the ground and plants absorbed carbon dioxide and replaced it with oxygen. With increasing urbanisation and industrialisation, humans started to release more wastes into the atmosphere than nature could cope with. More pollution has been added to the air by industrial, commercial and domestic sources. A study conducted by the...
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