Air Pollution

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Air pollution has a lot of different effects on plants, animals and also humans. The different air pollutions types come from a various amount of different sources in a way to clean up air pollution and it is not easy. We all know that this problem takes time, but all the contributions to improve the air we breathe brings us closer to cleaner air.

Sulfur dioxide- is emitted by burning fossil fuels like coal and crude oil.
Nitrogen oxide- Is from gases formed by a combination of nitrogen with a lot of oxygen ions. Ammonia- is a contributor to acid deposits and eutrophication.
Dust particles- Known by particulate matter, It can derive from natural events such as human activities or volcanoes such as construction and industrial processes.
Enough air pollution of the wrong kind, like carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide will kill people outright by poisoning them. Smog or particulates may cause cancer or trigger people to have asthma attacks in a lot of individuals (Consulting, 2005).

Some ways to control air pollution, is taking steps to produce the presence of allergens like pollen, pet dander indoors. Reducing outdoor pollution is a long term effort. But overall, we can control some of these factors, like cigarette smoke, by not smoking indoors. We can reduce air pollution outside such as automobile emission by changing our habits contributing to the air pollution. We should not drive as much and start using a bike, walking or even using mass transit if possible (Callahan, 2010).

Callahan, R. (2010, June 5). Air Pollution and How to Control It. Retrieved from Livestrong: Consulting, S. B. (2005, March 19). The Good Air Lady. Ridgeway, Colorado, United States of America.
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