Air Jordan

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  • Published : September 22, 2011
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MarcAntoine Walters
MK 341 C
August 30, 11

Air Jordan Sneakers

1. Product
a. Air Jordan Sneaker
2. Why
b. I chose Jordan sneakers because I am a faithful fan of the product. I have been wearing Air Jordan sneakers since the age of 12, I have stood in line to buy the latest pair every month ever since then. I also chose this product because many people in my age (18-24) are just as enthused about purchasing these sneakers, and have been since Jordan started selling in the 1980’s. There is so much history behind each pair of Jordan sneaker, which also adds to the reason why I love this product so much. 3. Background Info

c. The first pair of Air Jordan Sneaker (Air Jordan 1) was released in 1985, first endorsed by Nike hence the Nike check on the side of the sneaker. But from the Second release until now Jordan branched off into his own the “Jordan Brand.” The Air Jordan sneakers are ordered into numbers beginning at 1 ending at 24, each pair a different style and new look. Prices range from $100 to $175 a pair. You have the OG (original) pairs and then you have the retro pairs, which were re-released pairs of the OG sneakers. There are some pairs of Air Jordan’s that are released to the public were just about everybody could receive a pair and then there are some that are limited and exclusive were some would camp out outside a footlocker in order to purchase a pair. Back in the beginning years of the Air Jordan brand the sneakers were so anticipated and highly sought after people would literally fight and kill for a pair. 4. Target Market

d. The target market would be anywhere from the age of 15 on to the tender age of 30. The Air Jordan brand has created a very distinct group of people; some call themselves “sneakerheads,” other wise known as sneaker collectors. Really there isn’t one particular age group of people that purchase Air Jordan sneakers I’ve seen 40 year old men stand in line alongside 18...
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