Air France Internet Marketing

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Case Analysis: Air France Internet Marketing

Rohit Kwatra Class of 2010, IIM Calcutta.

Case Problem
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Revenues from online ticket sales continue to grow The company is pursuing an international growth strategy and looking to increase its share in the very competitive U.S. air travel market Targeting to increase company’s net revenues gained through online advertising as well as ROA Translates technically, into being more efficient at driving visitors to the web sites and converting them into customers while keeping click costs minimized

Current Scenario
Formed by merging 5 different airlines in 1933, Air France is now one of the biggest global air carriers  After being plagued by low returns, bankruptcies, and ever-fluctuating demand, the industry started looking up in 2006 after nearly a decade of losses  Due to emergence of the internet, the airlines were now uniquely well suited to establish direct-to-consumer sales portals via the internet 

Current Scenario
The airlines’ websites saw tough competition from aggregator web sites which provided more convenience  The intangibility of travel as a product, made it suitable to online purchasing when compared to other segments of retail industry  Increased access to the internet along with better internet speeds helped increase this trend considerably 

Search Engine Marketing
SEM – Businesses promoted their products through targeted placements on internet search engine result pages  SEM involved both web site search engine optimization and pay-per-click sponsored search campaigns 

Differentiating between search engines

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On the basis of analysis through pivot tables, I recommend a different strategy for different search engines Each publisher’s strategy is tailored and customized to maximize ROI For many of the keywords though, the results are pretty similar for all the search engines. Accordingly, same strategy can be followed here, though this may be...
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