Air Force Values

Topics: United States, United States Air Force, U.S. state Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Goryachy, Julia
“United States Air Force Core Values”
US Air force
January 1, 1997

The Air Force core values cover pretty much everything. From anger, appetite and religion toleration, it tells you how to act and live your everyday life. Their main value heading is “Integrity first, Service before self and Excellence in all we do.” It goes into detail, explaining what these three mean. We as citizens rely on them to be honest, hardworking, and ready to lay down their lives for us at any given moment. Each day they are required to get up and try harder and do better. They are expected to do a lot more than an average citizen in the U.S. For us and our country they are required to stay in top physical and mental shape. Their entire lives are dedicated to this country for as long as they serve in the Air Force. No matter what is asked or required of them, Airmen must have the courage to fulfill in excellence. They are held responsible and accountable for any actions that they may take. At the end of the day they need to realize they are responsible to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. After reading the core values of the Air Force I was astounded. I didn’t realize they were held so accountable on so many levels. I am inspired by what these Airman do. How they give up so much to protect us, to protect me. I think their core values show they are trustworthy and role models we should follow. I think the strategy they have is amazing and very to the point. It covers almost any question one may have. I feel like the Air force helps strengthen people in various ways and shapes them to become responsible individuals. Even though the Air Force doesn’t have any competition since it’s a government run organization, it impacts every taxpayer in the United States. I think the whole concept behind the Air Force is unique and needed. It helps our...
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