Air Driven Engine Project Report

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At first glance the idea of running an engine on air seems to be too good to be true. Actually, if we can make use of air as an aid for running an engine it is a fantastic idea. As we all know, air is all around us, it never runs out, it is non-polluting and it is free.

An Air Driven Engine makes use of Compressed Air Technology for its operation. Compressed Air Technology is now widely preferred for research by different industries for developing different drives for different purposes. The Compressed Air Technology is quite simple. If we compress normal air into a cylinder the air would hold some energy within it. This energy can be utilized for useful purposes. When this compressed air expands, the energy is released to do work.

So this energy in compressed air can also be utilized to displace a piston. This is the basic working principle of the Air Driven Engine. It uses the expansion of compressed air to drive the pistons of the engine. So an Air Driven Engine is basically a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. This work provided by the air is utilized to supply power to the crankshaft of the engine.

In the case of an Air Driven Engine, there is no combustion taking place within the engine. So it is non-polluting and less dangerous. It requires lighter metal only since it does not have to withstand elevated temperatures.

As there is no combustion taking place, there is no need for mixing fuel and air. Here compressed air is the fuel and it is directly fed into the piston cylinder arrangement. It simply expands inside the cylinder and does useful work on the piston. This work done on the piston provides sufficient power to the crankshaft.

Air can be compressed into small volumes and can be stored in suitable containers at high pressures. Such air compressed into containers is associated with an amount of energy. When the stored compressed air is released freely it expands thereby releasing the energy associated with it. This energy released can be utilized to provide useful work.

The compression, storage and release of the air together are termed as the Compressed Air Technology. This technology has been utilized in different pneumatic systems. This technology has been undergoing several years of research to improve its applications.

Compressed air is regarded as the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas, and water. Compressed air can be used in or for:

▪ Pneumatics, the use of pressurized gases to do work.
▪ vehicular transportation using a compressed air vehicle ▪ scuba diving
▪ To inflate buoyancy devices. 
▪ Cooling using a vortex tube.
▪ Gas dusters for cleaning electronic components that cannot be cleaned with water. ▪ air brake (rail) systems
▪ air brake (road vehicle) systems
▪ starting of diesel engines (an alternative to electric starting) ▪ compressed air breathers (such as Suisse Air)
▪ pneumatic air guns
▪ pneumatic screwdrivers

A two-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine that completes the thermodynamic in two movements of the piston compared to twice that number for a four-stroke engine. This increased efficiency is accomplished by using the beginning of the compression stroke and the end of the combustion stroke to perform simultaneously the intake and exhaust (or scavenging) functions. In this way two-stroke engines often provide strikingly high specific power. Gasoline (spark ignition) versions are particularly useful in lightweight (portable) applications such as chainsaws and the concept is also used in diesel compression ignition engines in large and non-weight sensitive applications such as ships and locomotives.

All functions are controlled solely by the piston covering and uncovering the ports as it moves up and down in the cylinder. A fundamental difference from typical...
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