Air Conditioner Report

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Air Conditioner Report
The use of concrete blocks in buildings construction decreased natural ventilations in the structures. The situation was worsened by house designs in urban areas where there were small spaces left for air waves. This lack of ventilation and variations n weather patterns necessitated a gadget that would keep rooms at suitable temperatures for human comfort. The air conditioner has a mechanism that absorbs humidity from the air to create a cooling effect inside buildings when the temperatures are hot. Indoor lifestyle during winter also necessitated an air conditioner to increase the room temperatures. Air conditioners have improved from the large sized conditioners that relied on hydrocarbons. Air conditioning designs have evolved to small sizes that can be fitted on walls. The modern air conditioning designs have huge round front grills to increase their air intake and maximize energy use. The development of air conditioners with natural gas chillers has a wide base. There are designs that can be fitted on walls placed on the ground and moved from place to place. Modern designs have remote sensors for thermostat sensor. The new designs are due to the need to reduce energy used by air conditioners, make them user friendly and reduce the space that a conditioner occupies. Stainless steel is the main metal used due to its durability. Copper and aluminum are used for tubing. Stainless steel is an improvement from plastic due to its non corrosion abilities. It is also durable in comparison with traditional materials like plastic. Copper or Aluminum tubing are preferred due to the suitable thermal properties of the two metals. The steel made air conditioners are relatively light; this has enabled construction of conditioners that can be fitted on walls. The metals ability to withstand weather changes has also enabled the design of window air conditioners in large buildings. The modern designs have been influenced by a need to reduce energy...