Air Cargo Industry

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Contribution of industry air cargo in Malaysia

Air cargo industry is the one logistic sector in Malaysia was contributed indirectly toward Malaysia’s GDP. Air cargo industry is the main component in logistic sector and contributed highly percentage in logistic sector. This industry has a good growth since this industry introduce as a main sector in Malaysia. Many companies were using air cargo for purpose import or export sector. Furthermore, that company practice just in time (JIT) in run their business, they feel air cargo can help them by delivery service. In Malaysia Maskargo and Air Asia Kargo are the leader’s market shares for this industry. They have many channels and destination make their service are popular in our country’s. Both of companies being the important intermediate as deliver in trade domestic or international. In year 2008, Malaysian logistic industry, comprising transport and storage services, contributed 12.2% to the country’s GDP. For the first half year 2008, air cargo industry was contributed in country’s GDP 11.3% compare to the first half year 2007, recorded only 10.1%. In year 2008 also, air cargo in Malaysia have 416,070 tonnes goods or product need to delivers compare 393,907 tonnes in year 2007. This is mean increase 5.6% from year 2007 to 2008. For the year 2009, air cargo industry in Malaysia recorded decrease 26.2% for the first half of the year. This is because; according the demand from manufacturing sector is low. Moreover, the increasing fuel’s price causing demand for air cargo service is decrease. However, for the year 2010, after have recovery for global trade economic, this industry increase to 14.2% for using in this industry.

Nowadays, air cargo in Malaysia is very important for any business purpose especially export and import goods or products either for domestic and international. Even though, this industry have decreasing in year 2009 but for year 2010 this industry can increase again because influenced by...
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