Air Canada Summary

Topics: Contract, Contractual term, Airline tickets Pages: 22 (9838 words) Published: January 23, 2011
Executive Summary
From the beginning, it was very apparent that Air Canada has come up with a very thorough contract agreement between themselves and their customers. The terms and conditions cover every aspect of the flight process from the purchase of the ticket to the moment you have reached your destination. All of these regulations have will be looked over clause by clause. After first glance, one may say that many of the conditions are unfair and harsh. What people must realize is that a contract is not made for their sake; it is made for the sake of the company that they are dealing with. In this case, it is made for the benefit of Air Canada so they can be protected under all circumstances. My recommendation to the customers is to fully understand the terms and conditions that are in place before purchasing a ticket. This does not apply only to this situation, but for everyday life. It is not uncommon for someone to skip the step of reading all the fine print but I cannot stress enough the importance of reading every clause of a contract before signing it. My main recommendation for Air Canada has to do with their Overbooking Notice section. If a flight is overbooked, they can deny seating based on boarding priority. The problem with this is that their boarding priority is whoever paid more for their ticket remains on the flight. This can be viewed as social discrimination because people buying the cheaper tickets are more likely to have a lower social status and have a lower economic well being as they are unable to afford a first class ticket. The two lessons that I have learned after doing this project can be combined into one: it is extremely important to understand all the rules and regulations of a contract that you are getting yourself into because the contract is not there for your benefit, it is there for the other party. The paper will then be concluded with legal measure that can be taken to fix these contractual issues.

This paper is an in-depth analysis of the General Conditions of Carriage and all the clauses that one must abide by when flying with Air Canada. Each clause will be looked at and explained to see what it means and what is implied by the clause. All the business law concepts that we have learned in class will then be applied to the contract to help understand all the risks that Air Canada may or may not be vulnerable to and what further steps they can take to defend themselves. I will then make recommendations to both Air Canada on how they can improve their contract, as well as the customer, warning them about the dangers that can arise if they take the terms and conditions lightly when signing a contract or in this case, purchasing a plane ticket. Air Canada gives the customer fair warning that they should familiarize and feel comfortable with their rules and regulations before purchasing a ticket, and most people overlook this step. The lessons I have learned after looking into the clauses and analyzing them will then be looked at. These lessons will help me as the customer when dealing with an organization such as Air Canada. Finally, we will be looking at the legal corrective measures that can be used to fix the contractual issues that have been found in Air Canada’s General Conditions of Carriage. These measures are there to not only clarify any clauses that may be unclear that may cause confusion, but also to help put Air Canada in a better position, so that they don’t have to be responsible or take liability for any unfortunate events or situations that may occur on one of their flights. These corrective measures will also help the customer as well so they will feel more safe, secure and comfortable when flying with Air Canada and their staff. The objectives of this paper are to analyze all the clauses that Air Canada has provided when flying with their airlines. I want to be able to read and understand each one carefully. If there is...
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