Air Canada Case

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Air Canada case.
1. What problems does Air Canada hope that Maintenix will solve? Air Canada’s old legacy systems were not able to interact with one another or with the finance and inventory systems. The inefficiencies of these systems were costing the airline engineers’ time and money that could have been used on maintaining planes. a) The usage of several different legacy software packages installed over the last 15 years. b) The inability of the systems to interact with one another or with finance and inventory systems c) The costs on Air Canada the inefficiencies of these systems were causing.

2) How does Maintenix improve operational efficiency and decision-making? The Maintenix information system provides integrated, intelligent aviation maintenance, repair, and operations software. That leads the way to enhanced visibility of fleet-wide data, timelier decision-making, support of Air Canada’s existing business model, and increased operational efficiencies. The Maintenix system is accessible via the Web and easy to deploy to all stations around the world. It reduces repetitive tasks and time chasing missing or incomplete information by allowing maintenance, engineering, and finance divisions to easily share information. Wireless deployment also makes Maintenix more effective, since aviation technicians, equipment, and parts are always on the move. 3) Give examples of three decisions supported by Maintenix system. What information do the Maintenix modules provide to support each of these decisions? Maintenix software package consists of 6 different modules which are separate segments of the product and interconnect Three decisions supported by the Maintenix system:

a) Compatibility of parts? The maintenance-engineering module establishes the configuration hierarchy, rules, and maintenance program that all of the other modules depend upon. A company uses this module to describe machinery components, part relationships, and compatibility rules. b) Is a...
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