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Have you ever call up to AirAsia customer service hotline? What do you think about the customer service hotline? For me, it's totally a pain to call them up. Why is it so? I recently made a call to the customer service hotline to change my flight to a later date. First when I was connected, I get a recorded message that last 30 seconds which is not able to skip by pressing any number. After making the right way into speaking to a customer service representative, I was put on the line for more than 20 minutes for listening to their annoying music and machine recorded voice:

"Thank you for wating. All our customer service representatives are currently busy. Please continues to hold or feels free to call back us later."

Oh! That's great. I was paying expensive call charges to listen to that annoying music and machine recorded answer and in the end I get nothing. I didn't even had a chance to speak to any of their customer representative(s). Representative(s)? I don't think there are many of them. Else I won't end up waiting for more than 20 minutes for a chance to speak to them.

I've tried another 3 times of calling the customer service hotline after the first call. I wasn't able to speak to anyone again this time. That's more than 30 minutes of waiting in total. Now, I'm trying to call them everyday see if anyone answer my call. Suprisingly, no one is actually answering. This time I'm wondering whether they have any customer representative in the call center. I even tried to call them just now in the early morning 8am so that I can be served faster. But, still, the same waiting. I think it's around 1 hour of waiting in total and I didn't even has a chance to speak to a real human. It's dissapointing me.

In my opinion, customer service hotline should always be provided for free. Even it is charged, customer enquiry should be processed in a faster manner. I don't think we deserve the wait for more than 20 minutes and paying the freaking expensive call...
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