Air and Water Pollution - 3

Topics: Water, Air pollution, Oxygen Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Air and water pollution affect the biotic and abiotic environment on a global scale. All pollutants affect individuals in different ways, but mainly affect those with asthma or underlying respiratory conditions. Transportation and energy consumption are the biggest contributors to pollution and global warming. With world population on the rise, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is also climbing a steep hill. CO2, a primary air pollutant, is the most major concern amongst environmental scientists, since it is the main culprit for ongoing climate change. CO2 is naturally occurring, and used by plants for photosynthesis, but large amounts emitted directly into the atmosphere by means of combustion make it a primary air pollutant that is affecting the natural temperature of our atmosphere, bringing adverse effects with it. Nitrogen oxides are another example of primary air pollutants, involved in the creation of photochemical smog, acid deposition, and ozone depletion. Nitrogen oxides include nitrogen dioxide, nitric and nitrous acid. NO2 is of most concern; it is a highly reactive gas emitted from vehicles and power plants that also affects the respiratory system of sensitive people, such as elderly and children. Compliance with current NO2 standards has ensured the protection of individuals once affected by this highly volatile gas. Air pollutants usually do not affect only the air, but water and land as well. CO2 and NO2 also seep into the water and soil, altering plant and aquatic life. Since the ocean absorbs CO2, temperatures are rising here as well, altering the Coriolis effect, inhibiting cool water from upwelling to the surface to bring nutrients atop, but instead deplete the ocean’s surface of much-needed nutrients and oxygen the aquatic ecosystems rely on. An altered Coriolis effect can also have adverse effects of weather around the ocean. The Coriolis effect plays an important role in the climate we experience. With warmer waters and wind circulating the...
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