Aio- Activity, Interest, Opinion

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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activities, interests, and opinions (AIO)
characteristics of an individual used by researchers to create a psychographic profile of the individual; also called attitudes, interests, and opinions . When combined with quantifiable characteristics such as age, income, or education level, an AIO profile provides great insight into an individual's likes and dislikes as a consumer. Product-specific AIOs, rather than general AIOs, may be used in new product development or copyrighting to predict consumer response. Measurement of the AIO is used by marketers as a research tool to determine influences on consumer behavior and appropriate consumer markets. Researchers will ask respondents to state how strongly they agree or disagree with a series of statements about their activities, interest, and opinions. Answers are linked to demographics . Questionnaires are typically quite lengthy and contain statements such as: I would rather stay home than go out for fun.

I dress for comfort rather than fashion.
I enjoy watching talk shows on television.
I am the kind of person who loves to make impulsive purchases. I always plan very carefully.
Evaluation of the AIO is most useful in planning marketing strategy because it will help to identify the lifestyle group toward which a product will be targeted.


Values, Attitudes, and Lifestyles System (VALS-2)
Proprietary psychographic consumer segmentation system that classifies people into eight basic lifestyle groups on the basis of two dimensions: resources and self-orientation. Resource dimension includes education, income, intelligence, health, energy level, and eagerness to purchase resources that, in general, increase from youth to middle age decline afterwards. Self-orientation is divided into three parts (1) Principle oriented: having set views. (2) Status oriented: influenced by other's...
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