Aims of the New Deal

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New Deal Essay

What is the New Deal?:
The New Deal was brought into being by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression. The New Deal began as an idea to resolve the collapsing economy and high unemployment. 1) The Three R’s

a) Relief: aimed towards the people that were put out of work b) Recovery: aimed towards businesses and the economy as a whole c) Reform: aimed to fix the economic institutions that had led to the Great Depression

Stage 1:
1) The First 100 Days
a) Roosevelt called Congress into a 100 day special session b) Congress passed into law every request the President had i) Bank Holiday
(1) March 6, 1933
(2) To allow banks enough time for the government to reorganize them on a sound basis ii) Repeal of Prohibition
(3) Beer-Wine Revenue Act: Legalized the sale of beer and wine (4) 21st Amendment (later in 1933) brought Prohibition to an ultimate end iii) Fireside Chats
(5) Began in March of 1933
(6) Restored American confidence in banks
iv) Financial Recovery Programs
(7) Emergency Banking Relief Act: authorized gov’t to examine bank finances before allowing them to reopen (8) FDIC: guaranteed bank deposits up to $5,000
(9) HOLC: Provided refinancing of homes
(10) Farm Credit Administration: low-interest farm loans v) Programs for Unemployed:
(11) FERA
(12) PWA
(13) CCC
(14) TVA
Stage 2: The Second New Deal
1) Focused on Relief and Reform
2) Relief
a) WPA
i) Much larger than relief programs in First New Deal ii) Employed over 3 million in the first year
3) Reform
b) Focused on industrial workers and farmers
c) Wagner Act 1935
iii) Workers right to join a union
d) Social Security Act...
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