Aiming Dean

Topics: Lateralization of brain function, Human brain, Mission statement Pages: 5 (1644 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Enemy centred can be divided by four categories. They are security, guidance, wisdom and power. Security is always wondering what he is up to you, a security is volatile; seek justification and validation from the likeminded. Second is guidance. Guidance is when a person depends by your enemy actions and we will make decision based on what will thwart our enemy. Wisdom, your judgment is narrow and distorted, defensive, over react and tends to paranoid and last is power. Power comes from anger, envy, resentment, and vengeance, negative energy that shrivels and destroys, leaving energy for anyone else.

It is also divided in four categories. First is security. Based on church activity and the esteem is held by the authority and influence in the church. You find identity in religious labels and comparison. Second is Guidance. Guide by other. Other will evaluate your actions in the context of church teaching and expectations. Third is Wisdom. See the world in terms of ‘believers ‘and non-believers, belonged and none belongs. Lastly is powered. It is perceived power from church position or role.

First is Security. It is constantly change and shifting. Second is Guidance. Judgement criteria are if it feels good, what I want, what I need and what in it for me. Third is Wisdom. It is view world by decisions, event, circumstances that will affect you. Lastly is Power. Ability to act is limited to your own resources, without benefit interdependency. On one moment you will be high, low, making efforts to compensate for one weakness by borrowing strength from another weakness.

Correct principles will create a solid foundation four development of the four life support factors. People and things can change, but correct principles do not change. We can depend on principle; they won’t divorce or run from us. Principles do not depend on the behaviour of other; the environment and it do not die. They cannot be destroyed by anything. It is deep, fundamental and classic truth. Even some people ignore principle; we can be secure in the knowledge that we can validate them in our own lives by our experiences. Our knowledge and understanding about principles are limited because of lack awareness through nature and the world around us. With understanding, it help us to search for correct principles with confidence. Principle do not change, our understanding of them does. Principles have natural consequences. If positive, we live in harmony with the principles. If negative, we ignore them. It apply to everyone, the limitation is universal.

First is Security. It is based on correct principles that do not change principle repeat through our experience. A measurement of consistency, beauty and strength, help you understand your own development. Second is Guidance. A compass guide you to enable you to where you want to go and how will you get there. Accurate data make our decision being meaningful and implementable. Besides that, a decision that we take will reflect short and long considerations and implications. Third is Wisdom. Our judgement encompasses a long term consequences and reflects a wise balance and quite assurance. You view things different , provident living, see the world in terms of what you can do for people, adopt a proactive lifestyle, seek to serve and build other. Lastly is Power. Power is limited based on our understanding and observance of natural law and correct principles. You become more self aware, knowledgeable, proactive individual, largely unrestricted by the attitudes, behaviours or actions of others. Our ability will encourage high levels of interdependency while an experience is interdependent freedom. As a principle centred person, you will try to stand apart from other factors that would act on you and evaluate the option. There are important differences when you are coming from principle...
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