Aileen Fisher

Topics: Publishing, Poetry, Writing Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Aileen Lucia Fisher

Aileen Fisher wrote many books for children and earned many awards for them. She wrote many appealing children’s books and poems. Her family taught her many things especially her mother. She also earned several awards and honors for her writing. Her interesting childhood, achievements and successes, variety of books and poems, and personal experiences resulted in the amazingly talented poet and writer she was then. Born and raised on a farm in Michigan in 1906 was a significant feature of Aileen Fisher’s childhood. Having been raised there, she learned to love the country; she also adored the huge, white house her father built. Her father, who had pneumonia, and mother, an ex-kindergarten teacher, were both critical influences to her career. Fisher’s younger sister was born on her birthday and another sister came as she and her brother were going to college. The landscape was a critical aspect of her life. The river, High Banks, was always red with the water pumped from the iron mines and was a good place to swim, fish and skate with her brother. Her childhood, family and her home were important features of her life. Her popular works varied from nature verse to poetry, from plays to non-fiction books. Her first poem, Otherwise, is one of her most frequently printed books. She was awarded prizes for her writing including The NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry, the International Board on Books for Young People Award for Illustration, and many more. Another success to her was getting a great education and occupation. She went to various colleges, graduating with a degree in journalism, and then became Director of the Women’s National Journalistic Register in 1928. Fisher’s famous books, previous occupations, and remarkable awards earned her title. Fisher’s collection of poems and books were published before 1964 and after, starting with The Coffee-Pot Face, available in 1933. Up the Windy Hill, Going Barefoot, Where...
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