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Himanshu Charan
Candidate for the Office of LOCAL COMMITTEE PRESIDENT AIESEC HYDERABAD for 2010-‘11

Exceed Expectations
“Quality, Quantity”

“We are what we repeatedly do, exceeding expectation, then, is not an act, but a habit” 1

PERSONAL DETAILS__________________
Full Name Permanent Address Telephone Number E-mail Address Date and Place of Birth College & Course Academic Qualifications Practical & Professional work experience, apart from AIESEC Himanshu Charan M 19-58/16, Plot 74, Kalyanpuri, Uppal, Hyderabad. +91 9885 281 241 27th June 1988, Hyderabad Vasavi College of Engg, Final Year , EEE


Secondary School Pass – 83.5% Intermediate Pass – 83.8%  Rainbow Real Estates – Sales Executive( Was responsible for creation of promotional brochure and marketing)  HOGBUNS Pvt Ltd – This is my own company which I started in 2009. I the main product is organic papaya. None

Fixed time commitments for the coming year (academic or otherwise)

AIESEC Experience__________________


1. Give details of positions held in AIESEC and biggest learning from the same. Dates Position Learning I came in to AIESEC as a manager of OGX after an amazing NLDS and I learnt the Following –  Understanding the functional aspects of AIESEC as organization  Dynamics of exchange as a process  Convincing Skills  Team Work – A Very Important aspect because this has laid the foundation for me as a team player and this learning later on in my career has helped me excel along with all my teams. A spark of passion about this wonderful organization called AIESEC was created which has never left me till today!! 

Aug-2006 to Feb-2007

Manager - Outgoing Exchange (OGX)



OCP - Recruitments (TM)

This was my first leadership experience in AIESEC and a truly life changing one!! Everyone in my team was elder to me. As an OCP I needed to understand AIESEC completely to convey the same to potential candidates. I developed my already existing understanding in to a much more comprehensive one. I had my first exposure to cultural and professional diversity by virtue of a CEEDer from Russia working on my team. I‟ve also seen myself grow in the areas of    Leadership & Team Dynamics Project Management One to one convincing  Sales & Marketing  Logistical Planning  Cultural Sensitivity This experience set the base for me in AIESEC. I developed absolute clarity about AIESEC, its culture, its vision. I along with my team managed to market highest no. of applications sold by any LC in Feb 2007.  I saw an opportunity to be in ICX and I took it with both arms open.  Through the course of my term I understood all the aspects of ICX such as raising, matching, IR, trainee management etc and more importantly functioning of DT as an impactful portfolio. It was during this time that I managed an entire PBOX on Child Rights called footprints. I along with my team delivered 6 exchanges and maintained excellent client relations in 35 Days. I also had a very good exposure to NGO sector in Hyderabad.

March-2007 to Aug 2007

Team LeaderFootprints (DT)   


This term as an OCP for almost 9 months got the best out of me as an individual. I was challenged in all aspects of my personality as an AIESECer in which I thought I was really good like leadership, team management, project management, Sales and Marketing, logistical management, client relations. This term as an OCP BKK gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn about OCP – Balakalakaar Mar 2007 to Dec-2007 (ER & Communications)      Issue of Child Rights and its state in Hyderabad. ER Markets which include real estate, insurance, pharmaceuticals, foundations and trusts. NGO Markets Educational Markets And all the other markets like travel agencies, tent houses, APSRTC, etc

In this term I have also developed my skills in  Project Conceptualizing, Planning & Execution  Proposal Creation  Product Packaging  Selling ...
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