Aids Research Paper

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  • Published : July 27, 2010
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Throughout the history of time, there have been diseases that have altered the environment of communities, societies, and the world. Some of these diseases were more catastrophic than others, however all are important to understanding how to prevent and prevail over these illnesses. One of the most preeminent diseases of our world today is the epidemic of AIDS. As a consistent killer throughout the world, AIDS has become an immediate concern to agencies and governments worldwide. In response, there are numerous international organizations that have been established to learn more about preventing, tracking, and treating the disease. Through extensive research and analysis, AIDS researchers are making gradual breakthroughs to benefit the struggle. However, since there is currently no cure for AIDS, researchers are rapidly searching for any relevant information to prevent the disease from spreading. One of the greatest assets to preventing the spread of AIDS is obtaining a general knowledge of the disease and its effects on today’s society. The world must acknowledge that understanding, treating, and preventing the spread of AIDS is essential to winning the universal battle against this terminal disease. Even though AIDS is the ultimate killer virus at the forefront of the epidemic, it enters the body in another form. HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is the virus that depletes the immune system and allows AIDS to develop within the body (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). With a depleted immune system, several types of insignificant illnesses can quickly become serious. Once the immune system is completely compromised by a severe illness or infection, the diagnosis of AIDS can take anywhere from 8-10 years without the help of treatment (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). There are currently treatments to delay the rapid spread of HIV throughout the immune system; however there are no treatments to prevent or stop the disease once...
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