Aids in Africa Essay 4

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Africa in Africa

The HIV/ Aids pandemic in Africa is one of the biggest medical problems in the world. Africa south of the Sahara makes up about 10 percent of the worlds population. Of this 10 percent, 67 percent of the people are living with HIV. This number is a horrifying fact, but sheds light to the reality of the situation in Africa, and how extreme the Aids problems is in this part of the world.

The World Health Organization lists Aids as the third main cause of global deaths, and that 90 percent of Aids breaks out in third world countries such as the ones in the southern part of Africa. The main way people contract HIV is through unprotected sexual contact with other HIV carriers or through contact with HIV-contaminated blood or bodily fluids. One thing geographers are currently researching is why is Aids such a large issue in in mainly third-world countries. According to research there are several factors as to why the Aids epidemic is so bad in Africa. One of the reasons Aids has struck especially hard in Africa, as well as other third world countries, is that the overall access to clean medical equipment is not as accessible. This is a problem, but what is an even greater cause to the Aids epidemic, is the lack of overall awareness of the deadly virus, and how to effectively stop its spreading. In America there are free clinics where one can go and get tested to see if they are carrying the virus. Such clinics are sparse in Africa, and many people are spreading the virus to others, without even knowing they carry the virus in the first place. The virus is being unknowingly spread sexually to other partners, but it is also being passed on to new born babies who are being born with the deadly virus.

Another factor as to why Aids has been particularly detrimental in this part of the world, is the lack of effective treatments and medications against HIV and Aids. In America when someone is contracted with this disease, it is not an...
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