Aids in Africa Essay 12

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Aids in Africa Essay 12

By | September 2010
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The Silent Killer: Aids in Africa Gary Deffendall Introduction to Ethics Amy Lyons September 2, 2010

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There is a silent killer in Africa that nobody seems to care about. Africa is a poor desolute continent with a lot of poverty and death from Aids(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). A lot of this is caused my wrong government ethics. Aids in Africa is caused by malnutrition, release of endogenous cortisol, and by opportunistic diseases. Atrophy in the lymphoid tissue has been observed in HIV-negative people suffering from malnutrition. Also by tribal lifestyles and traditions. (Smith, Rebirth Africa 2010).

Hiv (human immunodeficiency virus) came to worldwide public consciousness in Los Angeles, but the true center of the global pandemic has always been sub- Saharan Africa. With only 10 percent of the worlds population, the region is host to 64 percent of the people worlwide who are living with HIV. In all countries of southern Africa except Angola. HIV prevalence among adults is above 10 percent, though in recent years this rate of new infections has leveled off or declined in many African countries. Women comprise about half of all people infected with HIV globally, a percentage that has remained stable for several years. Among HIV infected individuals, the highest proportion of women with the disease is found in sub-Saharan Africa- almost 60 percent-and the lowest in eastern Europe and central Asia- just above 30 percent. The high proportion of women among those infected with HIV is thought to be a...

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