Aids/Hiv Essay 2

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Immune system Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, also known as AIDS is a disease that gradually attacks breaks down the human immune system that starts out with the virus called HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS makes it impossible for the people suffering with the disease to fight off simple infections and viruses that normal, healthy individuals wouldn’t be affected by. It’s not the virus that actually kills the individual, it’s the small scale outside infections, tumors, and viruses that kills the person because the AIDS virus destroys that person’s immune system, which is the only defense we have against viruses. Scientists and researchers have been puzzled with the AIDS virus since it began in the 1980s— and it’s still a topic of fierce debate. Debate causes have brought up from a promiscuous flight attendant to a suspect vaccine program being blamed. Then, suddenly, homosexual men started to come down with the disease— their rare opportunistic infects and cancers seemed extremely subborn and were completely resistant to any treatment the doctors attempted ( …). At this time, the HIV and AIDS viruses were not known at all, it didn’t even have a name and doctors were baffled. The discovery came shortly after this time. Some were actually resistant to acknowledge the connection of HIV and AIDS, and shockingly some are still resistant today, but clear evidence is evident now, and man-kind knew it was necessary that we needed to start looking for the origin of HIV to find out how to stop it. HIV is something known as a lentivirus, which is a virus that directly attacks and attempts to break down the immune system of the being it’s attacking. The term ‘lentivirus’ is literally defined as ‘slow virus’ because of the long stretch of time that the virus needs to have adverse effects in the body ( …).These types of viruses have been found in a few different types of animals in including, cattle, horses, sheep, and...
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