Aids and Food Security

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Define the term ‘food security’
Food security is a state in which all persons obtain nutritionally adequate, culturally appropriate, safe food regularly through local, non emergency sources. Identify the factors that contribute to making food security one of the most challenging issues the world has had to face this century Environmental and economic factors including

* Climate change
* Increased demand for grains and grain fed meats
* Increased energy costs
* The use of lands and crops to produce biofuels
* Heavy crop subsidies
Explain how poverty and food insecurity are linked
Food insecurity contributes to the continuation of poverty, and poverty is the largest cause of food insecurity. Identify the two main areas of the world where the populations most vulnerable to food insecurity are found As far as food security is concerned, vulnerable populations are in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. 6a) describe nutrition transition’

Nutrition transition is the change in food diets, from traditional foods to those which are high in fat and sugar, alongside a decrease in physical activity and increase in health issues, often occurring in developing countries. b) describe how nutrition transition is becoming a health issue in many developing countries Many people have begun to eat foods that are high in kilojoules from fat and sugar and, at the same time, decreased their physical activity. This is resulting in higher rates of obesity and other associated diseases. Explain why food security is a global health and human development issue More than 860 million people suffer from hunger. Of these 830 of these live in developing countries.

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program
Identify the main global issue being addressed by the CAADP. The main global issue being addressed by the CAADP is to revitalise Africas agriculture. Summarise in dot points
* The main reasons for this program
28% of...
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