Aicpa Code of Professional Conduct - Short Essay

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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The purpose of the AICPA code of Professional Conduct is for the accounting profession to uphold values and standards of behavior in the community (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The code holds CPA’s responsible to the public, by the way, they serve the public through its clients and employers interests (Mintz & Morris, 2011). One considers the AICPA the foundation of ethical reasoning in accounting because one must uphold professional responsibility and gain trust from the public (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The AICPA code holds CPA’s to a standard of honesty a form of integrity that the CPA will not have a personal gain from the service they are providing (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The AICPA principles include responsibility, public interest, integrity, objectivity and independence, due care, and scope and nature of services (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The principles enable CPAs to fill the obligations to the public (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The code protects the public through the due care standard by CPA’s continuing education for a better quality of service, and whether the CPA has a conflict of interest in the case of an audit (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The three most important purposes of the AICPA code are public interest, integrity, and due care. Public interest is important for creditors and investors in a company because one relies on accurate information to make decisions when investing in a company. Integrity is important to gain the trust of the investors and creditors (Mintz & Morris, 2011). One with integrity is honest and will not have a personal gain, which will build trust with the investors and creditors of a company (Mintz & Morris, 2011). Due care is important for the quality of service one provides a company (Mintz & Morris, 2011). One must go through training and gain the skills needed to provide a better quality of service (Mintz & Morris, 2011). The main objectives of the AICPA code of professional conduct are responsibility, public interest,...
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