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Artificial Intelligence - Essay
Computers are becoming more and more human. In some areas they are superhumans. Computers can calculate even the hardest math problems in less than one millisecond. Beat us at games such as chess and first person shooter. Memorize entire books and movies just by ‘scanning’ them for a split second. Compose entire pieces of music. They can give people information on virtually any subject from the Internet. Yet we still don't have a machine that can do the things that computers have done in science fiction movies, such as answer any questions we want or respond logically to any action – including perceiving human feelings and thoughts and react after them. But will computers ever become as intelligent as human beings and achieve fully artificial intelligence – nobody knows. After all; is the recent development of artificial intelligence beneficial/harmful for humanity? – This is the huge question! As with any new technology there are disadvantages and advantages but which part weight the most. Another thing with new technologies with such a high potential is that there always will be a part of the society who will abuse it. And again will these advantages coun-terbalance these abuses. But with all this potential I see no reason why it will harm humanity - just the opposite. People who curse Artificial Intelligence have in my opinion only analyzed the possible risk factor Artificial Intelligence can cause and haven’t considered how Artificial Intelligence can increase the welfare. Therefore should there not be any doubt that I support the development within Artificial Intelligence because in my opinion it will benefit the society as long it’s under control. This doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the critics. As said before it's a technology that implies endless possibilities, which includes abuse. The technology is evolving so fast which scares the ‘pessimists’ because there will always be a target group using the technology to horrible purposes.

As we all know that machines don’t need sleep, that machines don’t get ill. The only obstacle is that some machines need to be charged up or refueled but besides this they are able to work day and night. With these properties and the possible future development of Artificial Intelligence we will be able to get more work done than its possible for the humans beings. These possibilities would turn the machines into ‘Super humans’ because ‘they’ would be able to perform any given assignment – probably faster and better than a human being. Viewed from above it doesn't seem to be a bad idea – but.. The machines will fill out many of our jobs and a result of this would be that a lot of people would become jobless. These bad things could happen if the government didn’t control it – if it was controlled by the government the people who got the positions that Artificial Intelligence machines overtook could be replaced to another post or just be assisted by the machines. Artificial Intelligence overtaking some positions with a highly injury factor would not be a bad thing for the human beings. Posts that have a high injury risk wouldn’t harm the ‘human society’ if a machine gets broken. In these case there is only one loss - a material lost in form of money! If a human being die at the same task it wouldn’t be a material problem but an emotional one! A family had lost a family member. All in all, it would be terrible occurrence. But when the advantages and disadvantages are held up against each other I SUPPORT Artificial Intelligence.

In the health sector I see a tremendous opportunity to save lives. Here you have the possibility of developing machines to perform any operation without the risk of making mistakes. The machines with artificial intelligence will doubtless be able to perform major surgeries in less time that will result in a greater chance of the survival of the patient. The machine will have the opportunity to work around the clock and...
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