Topics: Export, International trade, Capacity utilization Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Production| Strength/ Weakness| Explanation| Corrective action| Flexibility in production (they operate on several levels from raising to marketing and selling).| Strength| They don’t depend on suppliers. High degree of freedom in production, they can sell it by parts or the whole turkey. They supply a complete range of meat.|  | Capacity to produce 50 000 turkeys per week| Weakness| Competitors produce more efficiently than Agrotransform (110 000 Tons for the leader and 76 000 for the followers)| The company has to produce more. To do this, it should finance through investors in order to buy new machinery and labor. Moreover, the company has to find internal solutions to make work more efficient| In September 2009, increased production capacity by 50% ( over the past 3 years their production was stable)| Strength| This represents 6500 extra tons which could be exported|  | Delivery :Costs of transports| Weakness| Exporting with pallets isn’t interesting unless the amount is lower than 7 tons, costs are higher, less competetivity, lower profits. Logically the costs for Japan are a lot higher than staying in Europe, since it includes transport until Le Havre and then maritime to Japan. | Only use pallets unless the amount is small and for short distances only. For long distances there can be an arragement of a bigger quantity and price negotiation| Modern packaging equipment| Strength| Allows a quicker handling and distribution of the product. New machines save time and pack in a more delicate way than hand-packing.|  |

Human Ressources| Strength/ Weakness| Explanation| Corrective action| Lack of language skills| Weakness| Not being able to communicate in a foreign language with the clients is a barrier to export| Make a small investment on language courses for the employees or export assistant| 210 employees| Strength| This reveals it is a SME enterprise and as we are well aware of the importance of SME's as great...
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