Topics: Agriculture, Ecosystem, Ecology Pages: 3 (561 words) Published: December 10, 2012
In the reading there was two major aspects in creating sustainability, ecosystem and

agroecosystem. A ecosystem is a relationship between living organisms and the environment

interacting as a system. While a agroecosystem functions as an agricultural system with all its

inputs and outputs. A agroecosystem can also be known as a ecosystem that has been

modified by humans to boost agriculture growth.

When we look at both a ecosystem and agroecosystem they have similarities and

differences. Both systems use some sort of energy flow, the ecosystem will use the source

of the sun as energy, but agroecosystem uses other sources other than sunlight. Nutrient

cycling in a ecosystem is pretty easy the system just naturally reuses the nutrients from

the crops that are already planted. The agroecosystem due to the loss of nutrients in the

soil from erosion it now relies on heavy synthetic and top coats to help replace what the

soil has lost. While stability only seems to possible at the moment through agroecosystem

it must maintain the in and outputs of humans.

The challenge in creating a sustainable agroecosystem is trying to make it as

natural as possible, while maintaing the same amount of output. When you are able to

produce more output using human made ecosystem. Why would anyone want to farm

the natal way? Farmers are forced to use machinery and chemicals to maintain crops.

Using the fertilizers and chemicals cause quit a bit of harm to the soil which is needed to

grow the crops. The pest asides used do kill the pest that will kill crops, but it also kills

their natural born enemies. Not only do fertilizers and chemicals help the plants and food

grow, but it can also cause harm to the humans and animals when it is leaked into the

natural water supply. On top of harmful chemicals and killing of all pest, farmers are

required to use machinery to help turn soil which can cause solid...
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