Topics: Okra, Fertilizer, Ammonia Pages: 37 (5457 words) Published: December 17, 2012
(Abelmoschus esculentus) PLANT TO

Jevilyn Mary C. Ruiz
Reniel S. Zuñiga
Jae Marie Valdez

IV Einstein
Special Science Curriculum
S.Y. 2009-2010


The research study entitled “THE GROWTH RESPONSE OF OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus) PLANT TO STORED-DILUTED AND UNSTORED-DILUTED HUMAN URINE (A Comparative Study)” was conducted to investigate which is the suitable human urine as a fertilizer for growing Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus); stored-diluted or unstored-diluted human urine. To determine the most suitable human urine for the growth of okra plant the researchers prepared three set-ups, the first set-up is treated with stored-diluted human urine, the second set-up is treated with not stored-diluted human urine and the third plot was not treated with any urine for it will be the basis of comparison. The urine was ensured that came from two persons within the same gender; male, age level; adolescence and health condition, and it also undergone urinalysis to guarantee that the following factors were considered. The following procedures were performed. The human urine, diluted at

least 8:2 with water, is collected and stored for three weeks, meanwhile three

plots are prepared. After the storage duration of the human urine, the not stored-

diluted human urine is collected, and the human urine were applied to each plots;

plot A- diluted human urine, plot b- not diluted human urine and no treatment for

plot C. Then, the human urine was mixed with the soil in the plots. Finally, the

Okra seeds were planted. The data are taken every four days within two weeks,

every data gathered are recorded.

The data revealed that there is a significant difference between the effects of stored-diluted human urine and not stored-diluted human urine in the growth of Okra plant in terms of height of plant and number of leaves. The data also showed that stored-diluted human urine is the best kind of human urine that can be used for Okra plants. Further studies can be done to determine if stored- diluted human urine can also be an effective in other kind of plants.


The researchers would like to express their profound gratitude for the persons and the institution that helped made this research study possible and successful.
Foremost, to our Almighty Lord that gave the researchers strength, intelligence and everything that is needed by the researchers throughout this research project.
Especially indebted to the parents of the researchers, for their love and support to the researchers not only throughout this research study but also all through the researchers’ lives. To the teachers that has been a huge part of the completion of this SIP. For Mrs. Marilyn Fulmaran for giving her advices, for guiding and leading the researchers to the right decisions, and also for still being a second mother of the researchers throughout their three life in Dasmariñas National High School. To Mrs. Gonzales for teaching the researchers the hypothesis testing and other things all about Statistics. To Ms. Toledo for her advices and for her help in finding the cheapest tarpaulin printing in town. To Mrs. Sylvit Suyo who became one of the most supportive person to the researchers and of course to Mrs. Luzviminda M. Bago, for educating and guiding the researchers throughout this SIP.

To the Bureau of Plants Industry, Dasmariñas and the employees of the institution, that provides a place, all the materials and equipment and everything that has been used in conducting the experimentation. Especially to Tito Marvin that entertained and guide the researchers everytime that they visited the said institution and for making it possible for the researchers to conduct their...
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