Agricultural Science and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics

Topics: Fruit, Luffa, Cucurbitaceae Pages: 92 (17395 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Tropical Crops
Agricultural Science and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics


PTS 130

Prof. Dr Marc Janssens
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pohlan
Abrefa Danquah Jones
Alfonso Cabrera
Keshav Prasad Dahal
Dilys Sekafor Kpongor
Alex Pacheco Bastas
Eduardo Molina Gayosso
Alexander R. Mendonza
Marina Piatto
Said Wali Dadshani
Nazli Burcu Ökten

Wintersemester 2002/03
Bonn . Germany






1. Citrullus lanatus, Abrefa Danquah Jones


2. Cucurbita pepo L., Alfonso Cabrera


3. Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb., Abrefa Danquah Jones


4. Momordica charantia, Keschav Prasad Dahal


5. Lagenaria siceraria, Dilys Sekafor Kpongor


6. Citrullus lanatus, Alex Pacheco Bastas


7. Cucurbita pepo L., Eduardo Molina Gayosso


8. Cucumis sativus L., Alexander R. Mendoza


9. Sechium edule, Marina Piatto


10. Cucumis melo, Said Wali Dadshani


11. Cucurbita moschata, Nazli Burcu Ökten




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Cucurbitaceae is a large family, which includes many economic species such as melon, watermelons, various gourds, and pumpkins that are of particular importance for the inhabitants of SSA. Many Cucurbitaceous species are eaten in several different forms, as seeds, leaves, fruits and sometimes flowers, by villagers throughout Africa. IPGRI, with national and international partners, has been leading the work on the collection, characterization and conservation, as well as on ethno botany, of Cucurbitaceae in the region.

Latin name
(Common name)
Citrullus lanatus
Cucurbita pepo L.
(Zucchini, Gourd, Courgette)
Cucurbita pepo L.
(Spaghetti Gourd)
Luffa acutangula
(Angled Loofah)
Momordica charantia L.
(Bitter Gourd)
Lagenaria siceraria
(Bottle Gourd)
Citrullus lanatus
Cucumis sativus L.
Sechium edule
(Choyote, Christophine)
Cucumis melo L.
Cucurbita moschata
(Pumpkin, Winter Squash)



Globose or oblong, size up to 60 cm or more; rind mostly glabrous, green or cream, striped or mottled green, hard; flesh red, green, Africa
yellow or whitish, usually sweet, man-seeded. Seed white, black, reddish, yellow, flat, smooth; about 15 seeds per g.
Southern United States Extended shape, fleshy to the taste, smooth, unilocular, with out a of America to northern central hole, of different colours. The seeds are between white and parts of Costa Rica

yellow, smooth, sharp-pointed, and large. Its large is of 1.5 cms, wide from 0.6 to 0.7 cms, and from 0.1 to 0.2 cms thick.
North or Central
The fruit is about 25 cm long and 12 cm in diameter, weighing America and, probably in about 1 Kg. Fruits develop to harvest stage about 70-80 days after Mexico.
Probably in India
Probably in China or

Grown throughout the drier areas of the tropics for local
consumption and in southern Europe and the central and
southern United States for local and northern markets.
The production of this crop can give you a yield from 2,500
kg/ha to 3,400 kg/ha in the Raven or Sunburst Varieties.
These varieties can produce crops for 2 months after the first cut.
Statistics about the production:
World production in 2002: 16,573,174 Mt
Cultivated surface in 2002: 1,290,497 Ha

Club-shaped, crowned by enlarged sepals and style, angled, 10ribbed, many-seeded, 15-50x5-10 cm. Seeds black, pitted, flattened, 1-1,3x0,7-0,9 cm.
Pendulous, 5-25 cm long, fusiform, ribbed with numerous tubercles. Grown in India, Indonesia and by the Chinese in Malaya and Seeds numerous, 1-1,5 cm long, brownish, with scarlet aril.

Very variable in shape and size, 10-100cm or more long, with hard, durable rind; flattened, globular, bottle- or club-shaped, sometimes crook-necked or coiled, many-seeded. Seeds compressed, ridged to 2 cm long, white or...
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