Agricultural Sba (Part)

Topics: Solanaceae, Fruit, Tomato Pages: 3 (367 words) Published: November 6, 2011

The researcher would like to thank the subject teacher for the time spent In explaining every step of this project, and also to the students who helped a lot. Finally to the parents of Aranaputa valley who contributed in making this project a successful one.

This project is base on the cultivation of Boulanger
(Solanum melongena). This vegetable crop is one of the
most popular crop grown throughout the North Rupununi and
the rate of production is still developing.
The solanum melongena is sold around Guyana on a
daily basis. Boulanger belongs to the family solanaceae. It is used as a cooked vegetable.


Materials: Hoe
Garden fork
Watering can

Duration: six weeks

Location: The garden is located at the Annai secondary
School compound
Bina hill
North Rupununi

WEEKActivities performed
1-selection of individual plot
-weeding of the selected plot
-ploughing of the soil to make a seed bed.
-establishing of the holes on the seed bed
-addition of manure to the seed bed and incorporating it with the soil. 2-sowing of the solanum melongena in the seed bed
-germination of the Boulanger took place and
Watering of the plants.
3-continued watering the Boulanger plants
-controlling of weeds around the plants.
4-mulching of the plants with dry grass
-controlling of the weeds
5-weeding out of the unwanted plants
-watering of the Boulanger plants
-checking to see if any pest was attacking the plants
6-harvesting of the matured Boulanger
-selling of the...
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