Agricultural Production in Ancient Civilizations

Topics: Agriculture, Americas, Cultivation Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: January 22, 2013

During the period of 500 C. E – 1000 C. E. ancient civilizations in North and South America and China cultivated and gradually moved from the hunting and gathering lifestyles. These civilizations drifted towards food collection and then farming. This approach, crops and attitudes toward agriculture varied with culture. With the Native Americans and the Ancient Chinese during 500 C. E – 1000 C. E. have both differences and similarities towards agricultural production. Document 1, tells of a story about how Maria Manuela de Cora (an Inca Author) passes along ancient legends. One that is called “Seeds” that says that one day the son of the sun kills a child that was made by the sun. The son of the sun got scared of the anger of his father and scattered about the world the pieces of his murdered brother. It tells that his body parts like his teeth grew corn. This would be a story about the creation of corn, why it was there and how. However, document 7 talks of an Ancient Chinese Legend. This talks more about that fact that if you took the weeds you could fertilize the farmer’s crops. With each story tells something to do with farming. How that one, thing is made or how to make their crops better. Document 5, is a diagram of a hunting scene and peasants working in a field in Ancient China. This illustration gave a reason for historians to track the development of tool- and weapon making in organization in agrarian and artisan production as well as the leisure activities of officials and the landed elites. With document 3 talks about Mesoamerican origins. Historians talk about that current archaeological evidence cannot pinpoint a single location where Indian agriculture began or determine precisely why the Indians became agriculturists. They did though have records that suggested that the cultivation and domestication of plants. With the painting and the records gave historians a better view of each hunting scene and peasants working in fields....
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