Agricultural Mechanization

Topics: Agriculture, Agricultural machinery, Tractor Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: June 7, 2012
As part of our daily live agriculture is a never ending function as we began with it. However in progression human civilization realises the importance of agriculture and evolve and revolutionalised. In the revolutionary period of mankind, our ancestors thought of habitation and growing of their own food, which includes grain and crops. This resulted in a birth of organic farming, changing mankind eternally. Agriculture is the science art and practice of cultivating the earth to produce goods such as crops and animal rearing and mechanization is the provision of human workers and replacement of animal labour with machinery to assist and replace physical requirement of work. Therefore agricultural mechanization embraces and implements the use of tools and machines for agricultural development, crop production, harvesting, storage and on farming processing. In the history of agricultural mechanization, a periodical development of agriculture has enhanced several advancements in farming techniques and tools were manifested. During the manifestation of the techniques and tools the most successful attempt of occurred in the last hundred years where a substantial contribution of mechanization to agriculture has been the increase of steam and gas powered equipment. Planters cultivate reapers, pickers, thrashers, combine harvester, movers and balers contributed to the development of agriculture in countries like U.S.A. though the tractors enabled farmers to sow and harvest large acreage with less man labour. The history of agriculture growth and mechanization is illustrated in countries like U.S.A which were stated earlier. In 1800 and 1900 U.S farmers represented 38% of the labour force, however the decreases drastically to 3% by the end of the century. An evident of the agricultural revolution brought about by mechanization as a result of labour intensity and minimal production of goods. At the turn of 20th century, internal combustion engine was the first breach...
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